Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatment

We’ve been talking about how best to avoid viral cold & flu on our facebook page.  Here are some more things that you can do/use to keep you & your family well:

Washing your hands is always a good start…our 100% Natural Handmade Soaps are perfect for killing any bacteria picked up from everyday tasks…

…Cleaning down your bench surfaces and/or wiping over your hands in a spritzer making your own sanitizer or straight (test a drop first on your skin if sensitive) our Essential Oils are amazingly antiviral, antibacterial…choose from:  Clove, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Manuka, Orange, Lemongrass & more…..Click on any of the links to start making your supply up.

Organic Herbal Teas designed to fight infection in the head and lungs Naturalus Breath Tea & Naturalus Allergy Tea both fit the job….If you have a head cold you will love our Organic Allergy Tea with Licorice, Echinacea, Eyebright & Pau d’Arco it fights all viral, bacterial & fungal infections, soothe sore throats, clear blocked nasal & sinus passages, reduce fevers and overall make feel more comfortable.

If your viral attack heads to your lungs, then start drinking our Naturalus Organic Breath Tea it too has licorice, but also the powerful expectorant mullein, along with thyme (especially beneficial for whooping cough) and hops to help ease the pain of your abdomen muscles from coughing so much…..

….for the young children & those of us not big on herbal teas then use our Naturalus Chest Balm Stronger or Original, and rub on to the chest front and under the nose, if the smell is a bit much for you or your child then rub it into their back & the soles of their feet….

Raw garlic is a must when surrounded by the chance of infection.  If you have it everyday it will improve your chances of recovery as well as lessen your chances of catching in the first place.  A favourite of ours is slicing a clove or 2 onto a freshly buttered (or coconut oiled – coconut oil is antifungal/antimicrobial) burgen/vogels toast.  It’s like having garlic bread but a tad healthier!  But for those of you who can’t handle the smell of garlic then you may prefer the following choices….

…..take some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (2 Tablespoons) and put into a glass of warm or cold water, sip away at, have at least 1 per day.  Our stomachs natural acid is there to help destroy any viral infection and if we don’t have enough stomach acid this drink helps in the same way…if you are keen add in a pinch or 2 of Organic Cayenne Powder & a 1/2 teaspoon of Organic Turmeric Powder, stir while sipping away…this is an amazing drink to take

So these along with our facebook ideas talked about already should keep you going, happy & well…to read our prior cold & flu posts check out our facebook page here