Elderflower, Elderberry Jelly Anyone?

Spring is in the air but we’re not exactly out of the woods yet from catching a cold or flu….but finding something that the kids will take can often be hard….but not anymore try our
ELDERBERRY & ELDERFLOWER JELLY in just a few easy steps below:
Infuse a teaspoon of elderberry in 1 cup of hot water and leave to cool.  Once the elderberry tea has cooled infuse a teaspoon of elderflower in 1/2 cup of hot/boiled water.
Now add a tablespoon of gelatine powder to another 1/2 cup of hot/boiled water and while dissolving add in the elderflower infusion.  Once fully dissolved add in the elderberry infusion.  Pour into serving dishes or moulds and refrigerate.
Eat daily as required!
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