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Hi, my name is Tanya Townsend, and I’m a Clinical Medical Herbalist. I graduated from the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine, in 2002, with a Diploma in Herbal Medicine after 3 years of full time study. I went on to open my own clinic (as Continuum Health) which I operated from within a local health store in Christchurch, New Zealand. Unfortunately since the February earthquake I no longer have my consulting rooms so instead I will be focusing on creating new Naturalus products. I’ve used natural products for long as I can remember and have seen many new ranges come to the market

What has made me make my own?  Well what I’ve found is that the majority of natural products are still not completely natural.  There is always that one ingredient that has numbers within, is hard to pronounce, or is 20 letters long, that no company is able to explain!  Not to mention the widespread use of sodium laurel sulphates & parabens.  The more we looked into making products the more we saw that preservatives & emulsifiers can be natural and paraben free – ingredients such as, essential oils, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, vitamin C, herbs, beeswax & lecithin (non GM of course) make very good preservatives/antioxidants & emulsifiers.  Sure I hear those of you who think they won’t cause any problems that’s what are body’s designed to do, deal with a toxic assault.  But I say if you can lessen the toxic assault & lengthen & enjoy your life even more so  – why would you use them?  So because of these frustrations my partner Murray & I started to look into making our own range of products.

I love to make products, my mum & dad have always been gardeners, getting us out into growing vegetables, flowers, herbs for as long as I can remember, & you’ll find that the majority of herbal oils within our soaps, & creams are from our combined gardens.  We try to always get organic ingredients first & foremost, as well as being from sustainable areas of origin.  

Our aim is to bring the best to others in the designing, sourcing, processing, & selling of our products.  To let you know every ingredient within these products, & to bring you a range of products that you’ll want to use again & again.   

As far as containers go we try to use either recycled kraft paper or glass where possible. We also design and print all our own labels. Murray designed the website and keeps it up to date.

Natural Us to Natural You.Naturalus

Tanya Townsend Dip. C.H.M.

Murray Wright

What Is a Medical Herbalist?

is highly trained in the philosophies, principles and practice of western herbal medicine and medical science; 

takes a holistic view towards health and illness; 

will assess you as a person and not a disease; 

prescribes and dispenses plant medicines in a safe and effective manner; 

seeks to treat the underlying cause of disease; 

acknowledges the body’s innate ability to heal itself; 

aims to prevent disease and restore health; 

provides dietary and lifestyle advice; 

maintains high standards of professional practice; 

is an authoritative source of information about natural medicine.

Where Is My Clinic?

Unfortunately since the February 2011 earthquake I no longer have my clinic rooms so instead I will be focusing on creating new Naturalus products. However you’re welcome to email me to ask about any health concerns you may have. I’m unable to do a full consult at present but can still suggest some ways to help improve your condition.

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