Acne Frustrations?

Below we’ve put together a few suggestions of what you can use to help heal your Acne naturally:

Naturalus “BYE ACNE” Soap
Our 100% Natural Acne Bar can be used on the face & back to lessen inflammation/redness, clear sebum, fight bacteria & soften your skin…..
….The bamboo charcoal will gently exfoliate your skin while helping remove any build up of toxins & impurities, replenishing with minerals, helping to reduce blemishes and leaving you with a healthy appearance. Calendula & Rose Hip Oil will help with healing the skin while lessening any scarring. So you can start saying goodbye to acne with our 100% Natural, Handmade Goats Milk Soap.  Click HERE to get your bar now:
Team it up with our “COMPLEXION/SKIN TEA” containing:  Organic Red Clover, Calendula, Organic Nettle & Pau d’Arco
fantastic blend that works on healing the skin be it acne, psoriasis, eczema or a rash of unknown cause…..Click the Tea above to purchase…
Other TOPICAL products you can consider using are…..
….Organic MANUKA or TEA TREE Essential Oil
….work well as a dab on application to any spots….
….wipe over affected area morning and night….
….Make a GREEN CLAY Mask at least once per week…
Green Clay is specific to help heal and clear oily skin, mix with just water to form a paste and apply till dry and wash off with tepid water.  Alternately use a mushed up cucumber or yogurt instead of water….
To purchase any of the products click on the pictures of them…to ask any questions email me at
Internally I would recommend the following as much as you are able:
Organic Vegetables & Fruit.
Organic Meats or Fish.
Avoidance of Cigarettes, Alcohol, Synthetic Drugs.
Reduction in Processed Sugar.
Avoidance of Artificial Sugars, Synthetic Food Additives, Colourings, Preservatives.
Try to make your foods/meals from scratch knowing every ingredient that has gone into it.
Ensure enough Vitamin D i.e. via 30 – 40 minutes under the sun or a good strength vitamin D supplement if inside during the day.
Ensure enough Omega 3/6 oils in your diet i.e. Flaxseed Fibre, Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Organic Coconut Virgin Oil
Cellfood for ensuring a balance of minerals/electrolyes it also supplies all your amino acids, dissolved oxygen & digestive enzymes
Regular Exercise at least 30minutes 3 x per week.
Probiotics daily either via supplement or a good Organic Source in your diet i.e. Cyclops or Hansells Organic Make yourself yogurt

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  1. Hi praveen I just looked more at dermadew and I would definitely for your healths sake stay away from it contains triclosan which was first used as a pesticide, it has been shown to interfere with muscle function as well as alter hormone regulation & not for the good, so I would switch to our Bye Acne Soap, all the ingredients are 100% natural & safe to use, just click on the link to get using:

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