Ultrasonic Essential Oil Bowl (Atb)

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Plus 2 Pure Theraputic Grade Essential 10ml Oils of your choice (worth $20). One Year Warranty (see Policy)

400ML Tank

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These are cool (looks and task) aroma based treatment diffusers. The wood grain look finish will fit into any style of decor in a home or office and yes as the image shows you can actually see the mist coming from it. LED lighting shows through around the middle. Turn on by pushing down on the top of the diffuser. Click More Info, below to see Specs.

This uses Ultrasonic Technology, which means it splits the water into microscopic particles that spread the water and oil element into the air. There is no heating of water, so it is very safe around children and pets. The diffuser creates a fine mist and sends tiny oils particles into the air. The mist contains negative ions which clean the air off dust and pollen,pet odours, mould spores and smoke and can kill bacteria and may reduce certain health problems like colds and coughs, breathing problems, if used with the appropriate aromatherapy oils. Because a small amount of oil is added to water, these are very economical to run usually 5 drops per refill of water.

Name: Wooden Aroma diffuser (ATB)
Wooden aroma diffuser model: AT
Material: ABS+PP
Water tank: 400ml
Noise: <35dB(A)
Voltage input: DC24V
Rated power: 12W
Voltage output: 500mA
Humidifying capacity: 21-30 ml/h
Aroma diffuser height:8.3 inch/21cm
Aroma diffuser width: 6.7 inch/17cm
Aroma diffuser weight (empty): 0.78 pounds/337g

Colour Changing LED Light
Cleanse and purifiy the air of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and mold
Impact the mood
Impact focus & concentration
Reduce stress
Boost the immune system
Create negative ions (create feelings of peace and well-being)
A great smelling home!
Internal reservoir is made of BPA-Free ABS plastic.


Bowl Style Dimensions: Height:, 93mm, Width: 119mm, Length:, 173mm. Wood grain finish. Capacity: 150ml

Please note use only 100% pure essential oils and no more than 4 drops per refill. Do not use a synthetic fragrance oil as it will corrode the tank.

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