Help for Parkinsons

Parkinson’s Disease is a slowly progressive & degenerative neurological/brain disorder that is caused by nerve damage to areas of the brain that control muscle tension and movement.  It is associated with a progressive degeneration of the pigmented nuclei of the brain stem and a loss of dopamine in the basal ganglia.  The disease produces three main symptoms: tremor, stiffness of muscles or rigidity and a slowness of movement.  It may affect one limb or one side of the whole body or the whole body.
Possible causes or contributing factors:
• Glutamate excitotoxicity
• Free radical damage
• Elevated homocysteine levels
• Heavy metal toxicity
• Poor phase 2 detoxification
• Nutritional deficiency in the brain e.g. zinc, vitamin E, selenium, r-lipoic acid, omega 3…
• Pesticide exposure
• Local brain Dopamine deficiency
• Central Nervous System infection e.g. mycobacterium tuberculosis, norcardia from the actinomycetes family.
With natural medicines wholistic approach, you can help to treat, strengthen & rebuild your whole system.  (The following is general advice & you should see your practitioner for more individual care.)
Health Considerations:
• Reduce exposure to toxic metals, pesticides & illicit drugs
• Avoid smoking
• Avoid rancid fats
• Have a predominately organic diet
• Increase garlic in the diet
• Include broad beans due to their high L-dopa levels
• Check for heavy metal toxicity through either hair analysis or red blood cell element testing (available at your practitioners)
• Check for pesticide exposure
To improve circulation, detoxification of the body and getting nutrients to the peripherals i.e. brain where they are needed most, use herbs such as: Hawthorn, Ginger, Ginkgo, Gotu kola, Bilberry & Calendula, Dandelion Root, Cayenne & Chamomile. Click HERE to see individual herbs.
Gotu kola will help the body to relax and strengthen the nervous system.  Crampbark  (Valerian at nighttime) will help strengthen, as well as relax muscles a brilliant anti-spasmodic.  Horsetail, Cleavers, Corn Silk will help to strengthen kidneys, as part of making your whole body work more efficiently.
Withania somnifera, Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng) will help the body to cope with the stress, supporting overworked adrenal glands as well as strengthening & balancing an overworked immune system.
Ginkgo biloba in a 2012 study at the National Institute of Neurology & Neurosurgery in Mexico showed neuroprotective and neurorecovery effects against midbrain dopamine neuron damage & even damage to locomotion.  Find any of the above herbs HERE
Green Tea polyphenols protect dopamine neurons.  A study in Seoul National University College of Medicine found that EGCG, the neuroprotective agent in green tea slashed the neuronal death rate by half.
Cellfood will help to supply needed nutrients, supply extra oxygen for the brain and improve overall uptake of nutrients within your diet by supplying needed digestive enzymes.
Turmeric, a team from Michigan State University found that curcumin a compound within turmeric helped by disrupting proteins responsible for the disease & preventing said proteins from aggregating.
Natural Sources of Vitamin C & E were shown in a pilot trial to slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.  3000mg of Vitamin C & 3200IU of Vitamin E were given every day.  The patients were followed for 7 years, the progression was considerably delayed (up to 3 years) in those given the antioxidants compared to those who did not receive.  We stock Melrose High Dose Powdered Vitamin C which you can put into water and absorb easily.  Click on the link to read more or purchase.
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (OVC) ….click on the link HERE to read how a 74 year old man has improved his life of P.D. by including OVC Oil in his day.
Click on the links for more information on the above products, if you have any questions or need the contact details of a practitioner near you email me at

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  1. Parkinson's Disease is a slowly progressive disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, muscle control and balance. Although the exact cause of Parkinson's Disease is unknown, research has concentrated on genetics, environmental toxins, endogenous toxins and viral infection. When my grand mother started having this issue we use this medicine : Zandopa Special bundle It is highly effective and I would recommend it to all those who are suffering from this issue.

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