Christmas STRESS Already?

Try some of the following to help relieve your stress:

Organic Relax Tea: Withania within helps with short-term stress, improving sleep patterns, immunity, & increased energy during the day.

Organic Green Tea: Has caffeine you say? It also has L-theanine which counteracts the stimulating effects & has an overall relaxing effect on the body & mind.
Therapeutic Bath Salts: If you haven’t got a bath then you can benefit from a foot soak & why not after being on your feet all day!
Massage Oil …a body massage would so be the best & those with a willing partner are loved indeed….but for those of us who are single then a neck massage & a calf & foot massage are something anyone can do.
If your mind is still racing when you head to bed then you will benefit hugely from taking: Rescue Remedy Sleep…White chestnut within helps to shut down the chatter in your head, thinking about what you have done, haven’t done, and all other worries you may have.
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