Ultrasonic Aroma Ceramic Diffuser (C)

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Plus 2 Pure Theraputic Grade Essential 10ml Oils of your choice (worth $20). Free Shipping also applies to these diffusers. One Year Warranty (see Policy)

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A different looking aromatherapy diffuser for NZ. The elegant ceramic finish will fit into any style of decor in a home or office.

Black cord for the black diffuser and white cord for the white diffuser

This essential oil aromatherapy diffuser uses Ultrasonic Technology. This basically means the water is split into microscopic particles that in turn spread the oil elements into the air. We see this as a fine mist in which tiny oils particles are carried into the air. There is no heating of water, so it is very safe around children and pets. Negative ions are contained in the mist which clean the air off dust and pollen, pet odours, mould spores and smoke and can kill bacteria and may reduce particular health problems like colds and coughs, breathing problems, if used with the appropriate aromatherapy oils. Because you only add a few drops of oil (usually 5 drops per refill) to the water, these type of diffusers are very economical to run.

Main features:


No heat source.

2 modes of mist adjustment.
Constant mist or every 30 seconds then a 30 second pause.
On intermittent setting lasts up to 8 hours.

Auto-off when no water.

Voltage input/output: AC100-240V 50.60HZ / DC 24V 650MA
Power Output 12W
Tank Size: 120ml

Cleanse and purifiy the air of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and mold
Impact the mood
Impact focus & concentration
Reduce stress
Boost the immune system
Create negative ions (create feelings of peace and well-being)
A great smelling home!

Internal reservoir is made of BPA-Free ABS plastic.


Dimensions: Size: 90 x 188mm • Weight: 540g Water • Capacity: 120ml

Please note use only 100% pure essential oils and no more than 4 drops per refill. Do not use a synthetic fragrance oil as it will corrode the tank.
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