Help for Insomnia & Depression

Great advice for Insomniacs & depression (click photo at very bottom to read more)….some great products to help get you back into a regular sleeping pattern as well:
Naturalus Organic Relax Tea (take 1 cup during the day & 2 later in the evening)Naturalus : Relax Tea

Rescue Remedy Sleep (especially good for a restless mind): Rescue remedy

Naturalus Organic Valerian Tea (especially good for chronic long term insomnia – you could add to the relax tea for a boost). 

Naturalus Organic Chamomile Tea (a very gentle but powerful tea to settle the nerves & ease stomach pains for our children).

Remember other supplements that may help you are Magnesium (helps to relax physically & mentally) & Omega 3 (i.e. cod liver oil/flax seed fibre) help with the uptake of serotonin (which makes us sleepy). Any questions do email me at







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