Benefits of Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

How does Moroccan Argan Oil help you?  This is how:

1. Soften dry skin
2. Heal acne blemishes & scarring
3. Soften cuticles
4. Minimise fine lines
5. Treats split ends
6. Kiss frizzy hair goodbye
7. Protection against the harsh weather
8. Reduces skin irritations
9. Heals scratches & imperfections
10. Regulates sebum secretion with oily skin.
11. Prevents stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss/gain.
12. Healing for psoriasis & eczema.
13. Reduces Chickenpox scarring.
14. Soothing to aching joints & muscles.
15. Fantastic for Nappy Rash & great Baby Massage Oil

(Rich in Vitamin E, Carotenoids, Squalene & Essential Fatty Acids)
Naturalus’s Organic Argan Oil comes from a women’s cooperative in Morocco. A program that focuses on improving the working conditions of rural women economic activities, generating additional income and sustainable management of Argan areas in the south-west of Morocco.