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A recent medical study published in “Headache”, the journal of the American Headache Society, found that Feverfew and Ginger is a safe, well tolerated, and effective first-line treatment for headaches as well as preventing more serious attacks.

Lead study author Roger K. Cady MD director of the Headache Care Centre in Springfield, Missouri said that it’s a welcome additional treatment and he would go so far as to say treatment with the herbal combination was not dissimilar in effect to pharmaceutical triptans.  A significant number of people in the study found relief and restoration of function, having improvement in all the associated symptoms including symptoms of pain.
The study, included 60 patients aged between 13 to 60 years.  These subjects met criteria for International Headache Society migraine with or without aura, had migraines for more than a year, and had had between 2 and 6 attacks per month during the previous 3 months.  They were randomly assigned a combination of Feverfew and Ginger or a Placebo.
Participants were asked to treat all migraine attacks over 1 month and were encouraged to initiate treatment when the headache was mild and likely to be more disabling if left untreated.  They were also asked to keep detailed headache diaries.
The study found that at 2 hours after dosing 32.19% of the treatment group reported being pain free which was more than double that of the placebo group.  63.7% of the attacks were reported as having nor or mild pain versus 38.6% for the placebo.  This is a significant result.
The Feverfew-Ginger mix was also statistically superior to placebo in eliminating disabling features of headaches, including their pulsating nature, worsening with activity, and accompanying light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and nausea.
Dr Marc Wasseman, MD, a neurologist in Flossmoor, Illinois and a member of the American Academy of Neurology said “…this product is definitely something his patients would be interested in.”  and that “…research into alternative medications, like feverfew …and magnesium, is extremely helpful and should be pursued aggressively”
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