Winter Cold!!

I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely noticed that winter has made it’s grand entrance!  Frosts are settling in and everything’s starting to freeze!  Aargh I say – I’ve had to get the Cayenne Plus Cream out to warm the feet up and start drinking the Memory Tea to get the circulation flowing and keep me from freezing!!

So for anyone who purchases any of the following goodies, which help tremendously in keeping the blood warm, will get a sample size of our new “Lemongrass & Seaweed Soap” (this too has great circulatory properties).  This offer will run till the 16th July (we’ve got another special in store for you all after this date!!):

Click on any of these links to take you directly to them:
Cayenne Plus Cream – keep those feet extra toasty warm!!

Cellulite Tea – Nice and Spicy with that Ginger getting the blood flowing!!

So get ordering now so you stay toasty warm over winter!  You don’t want to be caught like this: