Colds & Flus Say Goodbye!!

Feeling under the weather?

If you hate getting the common cold and flu then get into our teas now!

If you’ve already got a cold or flu then you need our teas quick smart!

Echinacea helps bring balance to an overworked or under par immune system, with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral actions, helping to fight those symptoms of sore throats, nasal catarrh (mucous) as well as reduce fever.

Peppermint as well as it’s refreshing taste helps to relieve sore throats, reduce sinus congestion and pain,  as well as associated headaches, nerve pain and nauseousness.

Lime Flower reduces fever, relieves aching muscles and joints while relieving a persistent cough.

Lemon Verbenas anti-inflammatory action brings relief to a cough, thinning out mucous on the lungs as well as nasal passages and clearing up persistent cold sores.

Mullein has been used for over 2000 years for pulmonary (lung) disease and this is till the primary use of Mullein today. Its expectorant action helps to thin mucous out and soothe the lungs relieving bronchial tissue.  It also helps relieve associated migraines and headaches.

Thyme, especially good for children, it’s expectorant and anti-tussive action helps to bring relief to your lungs as well as clearing blocked nasal passages with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial actions.

Licorice has soothing demulcent action on sore coughing lungs, helping to clear mucous from the lungs and nasal passages.  It’s sweet taste making it very enjoyable to drink.

Hops calming action helps the lungs to relax and eases pain associated with excessive coughing.  Relaxing the nerves helping you to get some well needed sleep to improve your recovery.

So get prepared and beat the winter chills – you can buy these herbs as combinations or singularly, click on the links below to take you direct:

Breath Tea
Single Herb Teas

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