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Slippery Elm is indigenous to America & Canada, also known as Moose Elm, INdian Elm and Red Elm.

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Its bark has demulcent (soothing to internal tissues) actions, is very nutritious, antitussive (reduces coughing) and emollient (softens, soothes and protects the skin). During periods of war and strife Slippery Elm was used topically as an antiseptic cream to treat wounds from gunshots, as well as used as survival food for all ages. Its actions make it suitable for inflammation and ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, gastritis, colitis, hemorrhoids, as well as for coughs, sore throats, laryngitis, pleurisy & bronchitis. Its bulking action gently soothes our digestive tract, giving a feeling of fullness helping to improve bowel regularity as well as a good for gut probiotics helping to increase the levels of good gut bacteria, thereby improving immunity. Slippery elm helps to retain glucose in the gut after eating and possibly help with lowering LDL cholesterol. It’s rich in vitamin E, minerals iron, sodium, calcium, selenium, iodine, copper, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. Topically it has a drawing and healing effect, its used as a poultice for boils, burns, abscesses, wounds, gout, toothache, dental caries and rheumatism.


Organic Slippery Elm Ulmus rubra (inner bark)


Available in black kraft bags.

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