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Sarsaparilla comes from the Spanish “sarza” meaning bramble & “parilla” meaning a small vine.

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Commonly known as Sarsaparilla, Bamboo Brier, Black Creeper, Tu fu Ling, Kalisar and more. Introduced by the Spanish in 1536 as a cure for syphilis and by 1820 had become registered as an official medicine in the U.S. Pharmocopaeia. The indigenous tribes of Central & South America used it for centuries for treating sexual impotence, rheumatism, skin ailments and as a tonic for physical weakness. The root/rhizome is used medicinally, its active constituents are:

• Saponins
• Phytosterols
• Essential/Volatile Oils – (enhance the absorption of other constituents)
• Resins

Nutritionally contains Vitamin A, B complex, C & D; Minerals Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Silicon, Sulphur, Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Calcium & Potassium.

Actions are:

• Anti-rheumatic
• Anti-pruritic
• Aphrodisiac
• Diuretic
• Hepatoprotective
• Antiseptic
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
• Antimicrobial
• Anti-inflammatory

So it works well in healing in the following areas:


• Psoriasis (BHP* Specific)
• Abscesses
• Boils
• Acne
• Wounds
• Leprosy

Musculoskeletal System:

• Gout
• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Improves fatigue & general exhaustion
• Bodybuilders claim that the natural steroidal glycosides within Sarsaparilla help to build muscle mass while avoiding the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids.

Digestive & Urinary System:

• Indigestion
• Assist in weight loss by improving the body’s metabolic process by increasing stamina and energy & removing build up of fluid
• Poison antidote, promoting excretion of toxins & waste materials, as well as heavy metal contaminants
• Hypoglycaemia
• Cleansing to the bowel


• Reduces fevers
• Reduces inflammation & pain
• Improves fatigue & exhaustion

Reproductive System:

• Impotence
• General fatigue
• STD’s

Cardiovascular System:

• Lower high blood pressure

*British Herbal Pharmacopeia


Organic Sarsaparilla Smilax ornata + spp. (root)


Available in black kraft bags.

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