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Sage (leaf) has traditionally been used to restrain excessive sweats and for debility of the nervous system including nervous exhaustion.

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In an open trial conducted for 3 months it reduced hotflashes/flushes and night sweating. It also is astringent, antiseptic and used to treat inflammations and infections of the mouth and throat including laryngitis, and for sore throat. Research over the past decade in the United Kingdom have shown the potential role of sage in enhancing cognitive performance i.e. improving memory as well as showing promise in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The 16th century English herbalist John Gerard wrote about sage: ‘It is singularly good for the head and brain and quickeneth the nerves and memory’. Culpeper stated: ‘It also heals the memory, warming and quickening the senses’. From the writings of Hill in 1756 we find a possible reference to AD: ‘Sage will retard that rapid progress of decay that treads upon our heels so fast in latter years of life, will preserve faculty and memory more valuable to the rational mind than life itself.’


Organic Sage Salvia officinalis (leaf)


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