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Native to the Mediterranean, now found throughout most of the world. Some of its more common names being, ‘old man’, ‘polar plant’, ‘compass-weed’. It’s latin name “ros” “maris” means “dew of the sea”. It’s usage dates back t 500 B.C.

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Greeks & Romans used as an aphrodisiac, they would put sprigs put into pillows so that their true love would come in their dreams. A sprig in the wedding cup was passed around to guests and a sprig also given to the husband to ensure him being faithful. A favourite of Napoleon, using more than a hundred bottles of rosemary water on his honeymoon alone. It symbolises love, loyalty, friendship & remembrance. In Greece students wore garlands of rosemary in the belief it would help their memory. To this day students in Greece burn it in their homes. Used in sick chambers to purify the air. Thieves feet washed with rosemary water were believed to n longer have the strength to commit robbery, steal or do any further harm to others. Branches strewn in courts of law as a protection from “jail fever” (typhus). In WWII rosemary & juniper was burned in field hospitals to prevent infections. During the plague of 1665 rosemary was carried in handles of walking sticks & in pouches to be sniffed when travelling through suspicious areas. Rosemary is very beneficial for all upper and lower respiratory infections,it helps fight all bacterial, fungal and viral infections, break up a build up of mucous/catarrh, bring relief to sore throats, allergies, bronchitis as well as soothing aching chest muscles from excessive coughing.

Rosemary has been shown to help with the following health conditions: low blood pressure, bronchitis, colds, flu, sore throat, flatulent dyspepsia, poor digestion, headaches, insect bites, depression, chronic circulatory weakness, breast cancer, bruises, skin wounds, hair loss, cardiovascular disease, gout, halitosis, memory, liver disease, irregular menstruaton, headlice removal & fever.


Organic Rosemary Rosmarianus officinalis (leaf)


Available in black kraft bags.

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