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Raspberry leaf, native to Europe grown freely around the world the leaves being the part used medicinally.

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Its main active constituents are: tannins, flavonoids & polypeptides. Main actions: astringent, uterine stimulant, uterine relaxant, parts preparatory.

Its main area of use is the Reproductive tract, but also works well in the Urinary System & Digestive System helping with the following: • facilitate easier parturition • take in 2nd & 3rd trimesters to ensure adequate uterine function & childbirth • reduce or initiate uterine contractions • promote regular contractions • decrease frequency of contractions • reduce morning sickness • prevent miscarriage and post partum bleeding • abnormal bleeding from the uterus, stomach or bowels • smooth muscle tonic to the uterus & large intestine • uterine & bladder prolapse • urinary tract infections • frequent urination • dysmenorrhea • menorrhagia • leukorrhoea • gargle for mouth ulcers, minor throat & mucous membrane infections • inflammation of the mouth & throat • fever • influenza • improves digestion & detoxification • diarrhoea.

Best taken 2hours before or after any supplements or medications.


Organic Raspberry Leaf Rubus idaeus


Available in black kraft bags.

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