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Phytolacca americana

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Commonly known as Poke root, Poke weed, Pigeon berry, Garget, Red plant, Pocan. Originally from Eastern U.S.A. it grows wild in New Zealand.

Part Used:


Active Constituents are:

• Triterpenoid saponins derived from phytolaccagenin – phytolaccic acid

• Alkaloids – including phytolaccine

• Resins

• Tannins

Main Actions are:

• Alterative

• Anti-inflammatory

• Lymphatic stimulant

• Immunostimulant

In large doses:

• Cathartic

• Emetic

Used traditionally in the following areas:

Respiratory System:

Considered specific for this system in the upper respiratory tract & lymphatic enlargement, which often occur together. BHP (British Herbal Pharmacoepia) specific for lymphatic adenitis

• Adenitis

• Mumps

• Laryngitis

• Tonsilitis

• Chronic respiratory catarrh

Immune System

The proteins have been found to be anti-viral & to inhibit replication of the influenza virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and Polio virus.

• Colds & Flu

• Herpes

• Polio

• Infections affecting the lymph glands

Reproductive System:

• Mastitis (lymphatic)


As a poultice

• Scabies

• Acne

• Tinea (ringworm)

• Mammary Abcess

• Sycosis (inflammation/infection of the hair follicles of the bearded part of a mans face)

• Mastitis

Historical Uses:

Has been used to drench cattle for parasites and fungal infections. “Headaches of many sources”, granular conjunctivitis; leucorrhoea; haemorrhoids; cathartic in bowel paralysis; breast & uterine cancer.


Decoction 0.06 – 0.3gms tds (three times daily)

CONTRAINDICATIONS: This herb is toxic in large doses, so great care must be taken to prescribe within the recommended dosage. As stated above large doses cause vomiting & purging & also can cause prostration (extreme physical weakness), convulsions & death. To purchase you will need to send through a copy of your practitioners script including amount of time they require you to take, this script will also need to have your practitioners clinic details on it (so we can contact them) for the script to be filled and sent.


Poke Root Phytolacca americana


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