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Plantain, native to Eurasia found throughout Australia & New Zealand considered a weed!

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The leaves are used medicinally, they are rick in vitamins C, K & minerals calcium, potassium, sulphur and a high content of trace minerals. Its active constituents are: Iridoids, Flavonoids & Tannins which give its anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and anti-haemorrhagic actions. Its areas of healing are the urinary tract, helping bring relief to: cystitis, prostatitis, calculus & haematuria. Externally beneficial for healing wounds, haemorrhoids (piles), as an eyewash for blepharitis, conjunctivitis and as a mouth wash for mouth inflammations & mouth ulcers. Historically used to stop bleeding including excessive menstrual bleeding, internal haemorrhaging, snake bites, dog bites, bee stings, wasp stings, nettle rash, burns, gout, fever, coughs, parasites, ear and eye pain, toothache, as well as topically being applied to itchy skin, ringworm, shingles, malignant ulcers and oral thrush.


Organic Plantain Plantago major (leaf)


Available in black kraft bags.

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