Organic Rosehip Oil

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Organic Rosehip Oil 30mls

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Rosa rubiginosa (fruit)

Organic Rosehip Oil rich in Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6 up to 80%), betacarotene, lycopene, Vitamin A, C and E. in World War II in England children were given the job of collecting rosehips from hedgerows as oranges were unavailable so they could get their Vitamin C Boost. Nostradamus made rosehip pills during the plague. Native Americans used in many recipes at mealtime and illness. Used in jams, teas, pies, bread and more. Even added to Guinea PIgs and Horses feed to improve overall health adn coat.

A study in the 1980’s University of Conception in Chile, Dr Bertha Pareja and Dr Horst Kehl evaluated the action of rosehip oil on the skin finding that it produced an effective regenerative action on the skin.

Its actions have shown it to be beneficial for many skin conditions, dry irritated weathered skin, burns including sunburn, lessens visible scars, stretch marks, improve softness and elasticity, balances oily/combination skin, smoothes wrinkles, reduces signs of ageing, rehydrates the skin, dry scalp, hair treatment, psoriasis scars, chicken pox scarring radiotherapy burns, dry eczema, beneficial for all skin types.


Ingredients: Organic Rosehip Oil Rosa rubiginosa (fruit).


Available in 30ml amber glass bottle with dripulator.

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