Organic Herbal Fever Tea

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Organic Herbal Fever Tea

A deliciously refreshing tea that you can use in times of sickness for yourself and family to help reduce a rising fever.

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Fevers can be serious so do not hesitate to call your practitioner for you or your child’s health at any stage during a fever.  A fever can help your immune system fight infections in two ways. A higher temperature in the body speeds up how cells work, including the ones that fight illness. They can respond to invading germs faster. Also, higher body temperatures make it harder for bacteria and viruses to thrive in your body.  Fevers do need to rise, but they need to break and come back down. 

The initial chill phase of a fever is characterised by a shutting down of the circulation to the surface, which produces shivering.  It indicates that the core temperature is rising.  This is an uncomfortable phase that ideally passes into a more comfortable stage as the core body temperature reaches the target set by the hypothalamus.  Acceptable temperatures at this stage are between 37.8 – 38.9 degrees celsius.  At this temperature range phagocytic activity increases and exogenous pyrogen production reduces.  As a result, the upward stimulus on the hypothalamus set point is reduced and the fever then begins to fall.  The periphery starts to open up and the sweat glands begin operating.  Feelings of being hot, indicating the temperature is on the way down.  The fever is said to have broken and recovery can commence.  If your temperature goes higher to 40 degrees what you do next depends on whether you are hot or cold.  If you feel hot the temperature is more likely falling, if you are cold your temperature is still rising.  Fevers can be serious so do not hesitate to call your practitioner for you or your child’s health at any stage during a fever.


(Adults) 3 cups daily (teaspoon of mix per cup, brew as needed)

(Children) Under 2 years: Age in months divided by 150 x adult dose = childs dose

(Children) Over 2 years: (1.5 x weight in kg + 10) yields the percentage of the adult dose.  E.G. if a child weighs 20kg, then that child should receive (1.5 x 20) + 10 = 40 so this child would take 40% of the adult dose.  Do email if you need me to calculate for you.


Organic Alchillea millefolium (Yarrow), Organic Mentha piperita (Peppermint) & Organic Sambucus nigra (Elderflower)


Available in black kraft bags.

Also in MIRON Violet Glass. Height 105.6mm. Diameter 61.4 +1.3 / -0.7 mm.
The teas in the jars are measured by volume (200ml) not gm weight.
Makes approximately 30 Cups. Re-use the jar and save by ordering bags next time.
More information on the Jars here.

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