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Organic Lapsang Souchong
Organic Darjeeling Tea (Fair Trade certified)
Organic Earl Grey Tea
Organic English Breakfast Tea

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Organic Lapsang Souchong

love this tea, it is my very favourite of our organic black teas. The smell of it just draws me in and the taste is just delicious. A strong smoky, gutsy tea reminiscent of a billy tea brewed over the campfire, while you waken to a crisp slightly cool morning at the campsite, birds chirping their morning wake up call, hands delicately wrapped around your cuppa while the aromas wash over you waking your senses & invigorating you for the day to come!

Originally hailing from the mountainous Wuyi region in the Fujian province of China, it is made from the leaves a few steps down from the bud. It differs in its making to other black teas, instead of being laid out in the air to dry it is dried by a pine wood fire. This was believed to come about because a troop of soldiers passed through a village where they lodged the night in a tea factory. This inconvenience of the soldiers as guests slowed the tea factories tea making processes, so they had to speed up the drying and to do this they lit fires of pine and hence the tea becoming infused with its distinctive smokiness!

Believed to help with improving a lowered immunity, lessening inflammation, reducing weight gain, decreasing the risk of illness i.e. cardiovascular disease, lowering cholesterol, protecting against colds & the flu. A great coffee alternative as the caffeine content in tea is progressively released into your body instead of all at once, giving you the necessary energy you need throughout the day. Tea contains the important amino acid l-theanine, which helps to explain the above action as it helps to counteract any extreme action of caffeine by imparting a relaxing effect, calming your body & mind, improving your concentration, while still feeling alert & full of energy. Of course you should always use in conjunction with a healthy diet & lifestyle. But what a gorgeously smokey rich flavour to enjoy on a daily basis!

For Best Flavour Brew 1 tsp at approx 100 degrees C 3-7 min, with or without milk

Organic Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea Organic Fair Trade certified. Grown in the Northern Himalayas this tea has wonderful flavours. Sometimes referred to as the champagne of tea.

Organic Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is from the Camellia tea plant that has been infused with Bergamot oil giving it a smooth smokey flavour.A refreshing, lightly sweet tea named after the British Prime Minister (1830’s), the 2nd Earl Grey. He was given Bergamot oil spiked tea from the Far East for saving a Chinese mans son from drowning.

Medicinally it has been found to be beneficial for the following conditions, but it’s a fabulous change of our popular tea: Colds, flu, depression, anxiety, fever, stress, tension, fear, antioxidant properties, digestive problems, improving clarity and focus of mind, antiseptic properties, oral infections, halitosis, insomnia and inflammatory conditions.

Organic English Breakfast Tea
English breakfast tea is a black tea blend usually described as full-bodied, robust, and/or rich.


Organic Camellia sinensis


Available in black kraft bags.

Also in MIRON Violet Glass. Height 105.6mm. Diameter 61.4 +1.3 / -0.7 mm.
The teas in the jars are measured by volume (200ml) not gm weight.
Makes approximately 30 Cups. Re-use the jar and save by ordering bags next time.
More information on the Jars here.

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