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• Neroli (Orange Blossom) 3% Essential Oil In Jojoba (Organic) – 10mls

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Country of Origin: India

Part Used:Flower

Method of Extraction: Solvent Extraction*

Blends well with: Black Pepper, chamomile, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lemon, orange, rose, ylang ylang

Main areas of use: Insomnia, recuperation, indigestion, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, scar tissue, acne, skin conditions, stretch marks, exhaustion, low libido

*Solvent Extraction is done only with the most fragile of flowers that are unable to be distilled. Solvent residue remaining is less than 0.0001%

Neroli essential oil is a very precious oil produced from blossoms of the Bitter Orange tree. These blossoms are small, white and very fragrant. Our Neroli Oil is steam distilled, not solvent extracted. The high cost is a result of requiring 1 ton of orange blossoms to produce 1 quart of oil. Neroli is named after Anna Maria de La Tremoille, Princess of Nerola (we’re not making this up!) who first introduced the fragrance to Italy.

The essential oil is both a sedative and overall tonic to the nervous system, and can be beneficial for most stress-related disorders of an emotional origin. The oil has been said to treat heart palpitations, relieve insomnia and reduce nervousness. Neroli’s calming effect can be tried by deeply inhaling the aroma, rubbing a few drops on the solar plexus, diluting in Jojoba oil and wearing as a natural perfume, or diffusing in small amounts. Neroli is considered one of the most important aromatics for aromatherapy treatment for anxiety, and depression resulting from stress and anxiety.

Neroli is one of the premier oils for mature women’s skin care (along with Rose Otto and Clary Sage). The relaxing properties are imparted on a cellular level, and the oil is especially beneficial for sensitive skin. Salvatore Battaglia notes in The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy: “The oil is reputed to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, as it has an ability to stimulate the growth of new and healthy cells”.

Neroli essential oil has been noted as a tonic for the female reproductive system, for relief of menstrual cramps – add to a bath or dilute to 10% in Apricot Kernel Oil and massage into the abdomen.

The anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-spasmodic properties of Neroli oil make it possibly supportive for intestinal disorders. Again, use in a bath or dilute and massage into the abdomen. Abdominal massage with Neroli may be most effective when the stomach trouble is the result of stress.

The aroma of Neroli has been reported to successfully treat nervous depression and shock; it is relaxing to the body and spirit, and may bring relief in seemingly hopeless situations. The essential 0il used in a diffuser or burner can enhance the ambiance of a room, bringing an air of tranquility and relaxation.


Citrus aurantium Essential Oil blended at a 3% solution in Organic Jojoba Oil.


Available in 10ml amber glass bottles.

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