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Natural Deodorant in a twist-up tube (also available in a glass jar).

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Our natural deodorant is not an anti-perspirant, it reduces odour hence the name de-odor-ant. We designed it to have minimal ingredients and suitable for sensitive skin. We find it gives day long protection, but we recommend that you ensure you remain hydrated as the more dehydrated you are the higher the levels of sweating. For cases of excessive sweating you may want to look at our Sweat-Less Organic Tea. If you are allergic or highly sensitive to baking soda we can make you a deodorant replacing the baking soda with clay, just email through to us before ordering,

Organic Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and along with the Organic Shea Butter is extremely soothing to your skin, rich in vitamin E, absorbs quickly when applied. The baking soda helps to neutralise odour. The beeswax provides a barrier of protection while allowing the skin to breathe as well as keeping the deodorant bar solid. Frankincense & Rose Essential Oils as well as smelling divine they also have antibacterial action which helps with reducing odour.

A note for first time users of Natural Deodorants. You may find that it does not work for you straight away, this is mainly due to your body being used to deodorants that contain parabons, aluminium, propylene glycol, triclosan and other similar ingredients and once stopping your body will start to eliminate these ingredients. You will need to ensure you stay properly hydrated and you may want to look at extra support for cleansing with either a regular clay treatment or/and herbal teas such as dandelion root, withania, calendula, cleavers, dandelion leaf. While you are going through this cleansing period you will find that the deodorant improves with time for you.

Deodorant in Jar


Ingredients: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Spray Free Beeswax, Aluminium Free Baking Soda, Rose Essential Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil & Frankincense Essential Oil.


Available in a 67 ml twist-up oval tube or a 30 ml Glass Jar.

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