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Motherwort, Lion’s tail, Heartwort, Nukula, historically the Greeks gave to pregnant women suffering anxieties, hence its name mother wort (wort meaning herb).

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Its prominent actions working with the heart, hence the latin name cardiaca “kardiac” – greek for heart, leonurus Greek “leon” for lion and “ours” for tail, as it resembled a lions tail.

There is an old tale about a town whose water source is a stream flowing through bans of motherwort. Many of the towns people lived to be on average 130 years old. In China it’s also reputed to promote longevity. In North America motherwort was used more as a menstruation promoter and aid for expelling afterbirth. The Cherokee Indians used as a sedative for all nervous conditions. Considered a symbol of concealed love.

Its actions: Emmenagogue astringent, carminative, cardiac tonic, diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-rheumatic.

Primarily a herb for the heart, shown to help with:• decreasing muscle spasms.
• lowering blood pressure.
• decreasing levels of fat in blood.
• slowing heart palpitations.
• arrhythmias of nervous origin.
• simple tachycardia.
• cardiac disturbance in pregnancy or due to nerves.
• cardiac debility.

Strengthening the heart without straining.

Also used in other areas of health:
• diarrhoea.
• flatulence.
• colic.
• dysmenorrhoea.
• nervous problems associated with menopause.
• amenorrhoea.
• fibroids.
• ease labor pains (in early labor).
• calms nerves.
• reduces fevers.
• helps normalise an over-active thyroid.


Organic Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca (foliage)


Available in black kraft bags.

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