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Marshmallow (not the sticky sweet kind!) is a perennial herb which dies back in winter.

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It’s covered with soft, dense, velvety down and it has small flowers which range from white – pink in colour. The root is mainly used medicinally (leaves have also been used).

Active constituents within marshmallow are:

• Mucilage
• Tannins
• Volatile oil
• Pectin
• Asparagine

Nutritionally very high in Vitamin A, as well as Vitamin B Complex & minerals Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Sodium & Iodine.

Marshmallow Roots main actions:

• Demulcent – soothing & protective internally to irritated tissues and surfaces.
• Emollient – softens, soothes & protects the skin.
• Diuretic – improves the secretion & flow of urine.
• Vulnerary – hastens the healing of wounds.

The mucilage helps to soothe an irritated respiratory tract presumably by a reflex effect on the vagus nerve, making it good for treating:

• Coughs – all causes i.e. smoking, cold, bronchitis, dry cough, ACE inhibitor caused cough etc
• Bronchitis – inflammation of the bronchial tubes of the lungs.
• Respiratory Catarrh (mucous)

It is also very soothing to the intestinal mucosa, helping to reduce peristalsis and the sensitivity of the mucosa to irritants, shown to be healing with the following digestive conditions:

• Gastritis – inflammation of the stomach lining.
• Ulcerative Colitis – chronic inflammation of the large intestine.
• Peptic Ulcers – lesion in the stomach or duodenum.
• Colitis – inflammation of the lining of the colon.
• Enteritis – inflammation of the small intestine.

A 3rd area of health the mucilage within Marshmallow Root helps in is the Urinary System making useful in the treatment of:

• Cystitis – inflammation of the bladder.
• Urethritis – inflammation of the urethra.
• Urinary Calculus – kidney stones.

Externally Marshmallow Root can be used to treat in the healing of:

• Abscesses
• Boils
• Ulcers
• Lacerations
• Inflammation of pharynx/mouth (as a gargle)

Historically Marshmallow was used to ensure speed and ease of delivery of baby; as a compress with honey for all swellings of the eyes; as a poultice to soften tumours; for swellings of the testicles; to stop hair falling out; as a gentle laxative; easing the passage of kidney or gall stones; for hoarseness & coughs; for bruises and sprains, aches in muscles & sinews.


Organic Marshmallow Althaea officinalis (root)


Available in black kraft bags.

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