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Lime flower is found mainly in the Northern hemisphere in Asia, Europe, & North America. They grow to 20 – 40 metres high & are of no relation to the Lime Fruit, but are related to the Elm tree.

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It has been used as wood for guitar making (superstrat) as it produces consistent tone with no dead spots. Slavic mythology see it as a sacred tree (it is there national emblem). Croatian currency ‘kuna’ consists of 100 lipa, meaning linden. In German mythology it’s believed the tree will help unearth the truth – judicial meetings were held under the trees. It has been called the “Tree of Lovers”. In Greek Mythology Baucis & Philemon an elderly couple, Baucis was turned into a Linden tree & Philemon was turned into an Oak tree.

Lime flower has been shown to help with the following health conditions: Restlessness, hysteria, headaches, colds, coughs, fever, hypertension, oedema, digestive disorders, anxieties, insomnia, respiratory infection, skin irritations, joint pain, bacterial infections, bronchitis, indigestion, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, fever, cellulitus, leg ulcers, and has great anti-inflammatory & antioxidant action.


Organic Lime Flower Tilia europaea (leaf & flower)


Available in black kraft bags.

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