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Lemon balm is native to the Mediterranean, Western Asia, South Western Siberia & Northern Africa. Its usage dates back at least 2000 years. Its Greek names meaning bee/honey bee.

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It is noted in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia from 1840 – 1890. Lemon balm was a sacred herb in the temple of Artemis/Diana, it assisted the ancient beekeepers in keeping honeybees fed with nectar. It has been used in Monasteries (our 1st hospitals) in wound healing, as a general tonic (the Benedictine Monks claimed that Lemon balm is a cure for malaria), as well as the Monks making perfumes i.e. Carmelite Water, & liquors i.e. Chratreuse. Carmelite Water was used to protect from the plague, & was so prized it’s name “Eau de Melisse des Carmes” was granted by Louis XIV, XV & XVI of France. In the 17th Century it was known as “the herb of success” being able to renew youth & strengthen the brain. It is known to give off ozone (which has been shown to help heal a number of health conditions).

Lemon balm has been shown to help with the following health conditions: Insomnia, Alzheimers, agitation, mood disorders, restlessness, anxieties, Herpes simplex type 1(cold sores), fevers, colds, catarrh, sore throat, digestive disorders, stress, hyperthyroidism, insect bites, viral, fungal & bacterial infections, as an antispasmodic, mumps, respiratory disorders, birthing, cardiovascular disorders, aching joints, allergies, baldness, oily hair, irregular menstruation, hypertension & as an insect repellant.


Organic Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis (leaf)


Available in black kraft bags.

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