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Commonly known as horsetail, dutch rushes, paddock pipes, shave grass. Horsetail is rich in silica, selenium, copper, manganese, sodium, copper, iron, iodine, potassium, calcium, sulphur, magnesium and vitamin B5.

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Astringent, anti-haemorrhagic, diuretic, styptic, vulnerary, anti-rheumatic, in action. Historically used to ease bowel conditions, coughs, chilblains, arthritis, skin problems, menstrual irregularities, conjunctivitis, dysentery, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, frost bite and more. Russian research showed it helped to reduce lead levels in the body. It’s main body system that it helps with is the urinary system helping to flush away irritants and infectious agents. Helping to improve bladder tone and reduce prostate enlargement. The large amounts of silica helps to aid tissue healing, so beneficial for cystitis, haematuria, enuresis, prostatitis, prostatic enlargement, incontinence, urethritis, lithiasis, menopausal and arthritis related edema. Externally as a wash for slow healing wounds or bleeding, as a wash for nose, eyes, mouth, vagina and as an ointment for hemorrhoids. Horsetail dates back in use to the Ancient Romans and Greek medicine. Its latin name ‘equus’ meaning horse ‘seta’ meaning bristle. Descended from huge tree like plants that thrived 400 million years ago during the Paleozoic era. Fossil evidence showed that many extinct horsetails were treelike and attained a far greater size than those today. It also has been shown to help medicinally with kidney stones, urinary tract infection, brittle nails, applied topically to wounds and burns, anemia, depression, reducing LDL cholesterol, dry hair, excessive menstrual flow, leucorrhea, athletes foot, polyps in the abdomen or anus, stomach ulcers, gout, tonsillitis, T.B., bleeding of gums, cramp, brittle nails or hair, broken bones, dental caries, heel spurs, herpes, skin irritations, bursitis, boils, wounds not healing, cholelithiasis and more. Most recently a Polish study found that Silica (which horsetails is very high in) blocks aluminum absorption in the body.


Wildcrafted Horsetail Equisetum arvense


Available in black kraft bags.

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