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The famous plant of the enchanting city of Aswan in Upper Egypt. Known as Roselle, karkade, China rose, red sorrel, jamaica sorrel, red hibiscus.

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Originating from India, widely seen throughout tropical regions of the world. Traditionally in China burnt in ghee to produce a black dye to blacken eyes and eyebrows and in mascara. Made into garlands in Hawaii. Rich in Vitamin C, B2, B3, Carotene, calcium and iron. Rich in flavonoids, anthocyanins, and polyphenols. Shown to help with loss of appetite, cellulite, menstrual cramps as well as irregular menstruation, colds, build up of catarrh, bronchitis, constipation, headaches, bilious attaches, coughs, anxieties, hypertension, skin conditions, digestive and kidney conditions. Externally helps with eczema, wounds, sores, improving skin flexibility and elasticity, helping restore the natural barrier to hair, giving a shiny silky look, as well as relief from dandruff. The flowers are frequented by hummingbirds and they are also used in salads, as well as dyeing fabric and in jams, jellies, cakes and ice-cream.


Organic HIbiscus HIbiscus sabdariffa (flower)


Available in black kraft bags.

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