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A premixed blend of Bentonite Clay & Organic Powdered Green Tea, Rose & Calendula Herbs, designed to cleanse and detoxify your skin. Imparting soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & toning effects to your skin. Read directions below, .

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Directions: Blend the mix with your favourite medium i.e. water, coconut oil, rose water, lavender water, colloidal silver, argan oil, honey, yogurt, mashed cucumber or avocado till a paste, then apply to your skin, leave until dry 15 – 30 minutes (can keep moist with a water mist sprayer if dries too quickly) and rinse off with tepid (warm) water to reveal healthy, glowing skin underneath. Tone & moisturise afterwards if needed. Recommended use 1-2 times per week.


Superfine Bentonite Clay, Organic Powdered Gunpowder Green Tea, Organic Powdered Rose Petals & Organic Powdered Calendula Flowers.


Available in 120 ml glass jars with twist top.

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