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Eyebright, indigenous to Europe now found in Northern & Western Asia and America.

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Euphrasia coming from the Greek word Euphrosyne meaning gladness. “Historically believed to “strengthen a weak brain or memory” restore lost sight in the elderly, all eye problems, hayfever”. In the 14th Century it was said “to cure all evils of the eye”. Both Culpeper and Gerard refer to eyebrights use internally and externally to preserve and improve eyesight – Culpeper saying “, it would half spoil the spectacle makers trade, “. An old French term for Eyebright was “casse-lanettes” which means “break your glasses”. 1485 thee Poet Milton mentions in his book ‘Paradise Lost’ “, the archangel Michael gives Eyebright to Adam to cure an eye infection”. Used in the Spanish Influenza 1918 and noted as “proved especially useful in the epidemics of la grippe , to control the profuse lachrimation”. Rich in vitamins A, C, B complex, D, E, minerals Iron, Silica, Iodine, Copper and Zinc. Eyebright has been shown to help with many conditions such as:

Conjunctivitis, styes strained eyes, blepharitis, sinusitis, ear congestion, head colds, nasal catarrh/congestion, gastritis, hayfever, irritated itchy eyes, chronic sneezing, middle ear infections, sore throat, antibacterial against, Bacillus subtilis, E.coli, Anti fungal against Penicillium spa.


Organic Eyebright Euphrasia rostkoviana (officinalis) (foliage)


Available in black kraft bags.

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