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Dong Quai

Product Description: Organic Dong Quai Root tea is made from the root of the Angelica sinensis plant, which has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to support women’s health.

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Angelica sinesis

Commonly known as Dong quai in Chinese Medicine as well as the following, dang gui (China), toki (Japan), tanggwi (Korea) and kinesisk kvan (Danish). It is an extremely popular herb and has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years as a tonic and a spice. Traditionally it is sweet, acrid, bitter and warm, strengthening the heart, lung and liver meridians and lubricates the bowels. Tonifies the blood, regulates menstruation, invigorates and harmonises the blood and is used to treat congealed blood conditions, blood deficiency and deficient blood patterns. Especially important herb in the treatment of gynaecological problems.

Part Used:


Active Constituents are:

• Essential oil mainly consisting of ligustilide & n-butylidend phthalide

• Phytosterols, ferulic acid, coumarins (angelol, angelicone)

Nutritional Constituents are:

• Vitamin A

• Carotenoids

• Vitamin B12

• Vitamin E

• Ascorbic Acid

• Folinic Acid

• Biotin

• Beta-sitosterol

• Calcium

• Magnesium

Main Actions are:

• Anti-inflammatory

• Anti-anaemic

• Anti-coagulation

• Anti-platelet

• Anti-fibroitic

• Female Tonic

• Mild Laxative

• Anti-arrhythmic

• Hepatoprotective

Used traditionally in the following areas:

Reproductive System:

• Improve state of uterine contractions i.e. make more rhythmic

• Antispasmodic

• Increased libido

• Dysmenorrhoea (pain with menstruation)

• Infertility due to tubal occlusion

• Anaemia with dizziness & palpatations

• Irregular menstruation

• Amenorrhoea

• Uterine fibroids

• Ovarian cysts

• Endometriosis

Studies showed dong quai protected ovaries from the effects of gamma radiation, so possible help during radiation therapy.

Cardiovascular System:

• Atrial fibrilliation

• Atherosclerosis

• Hypertension

• Hyperchlolesterolemia

• Stimulates Haematopoiesis in bone marrow

Immune Function:

• Thrombocytopaenic purpura (best combined with Astragalus)

Other activity & conditions:

Possibly help to relax the central nervous system; inhibit the asthmatic reaction induced by acetylcholine and histamine; shown in studies to increase metabolism and oxygen utilisaton in the liver. Glutamic acid and cysteine oxidation were also enhanced. Buerger’s disease and constrictive aortitis. Combined with dan shen in the treatment of angina, peripheral vascular disorders & stroke. Hepatitis, Hepatic Cirrhosis, Constipation, Rheumatism, Renal Fibrosis


4.5 – 9gms tds (three times daily) as a decoction

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Diarrhoea caused by weak digestion, haemorrhagic disease, bleeding tendency or very heavy periods, first trimester of pregnancy, tendency to spontaneous abortion and acute viral infections such as colds and influenza.

CAUTION: is advised for patients receiving chronic treatment with blood thinning pharmaceutical medications, best to talk with your practitioner first before taking.


Organic Dong Quai Angelica sinensis (root)


Available in black kraft bags.

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