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Elytrigia repens

commonly known as Couch grass. Native to waysides, waste ground and rough grassland in Europe, Britain. Now naturalised in New Zealand and Australia considered a troublesome weed in peoples gardens.

Available in black kraft bags.

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Part Used:

The rhizomes harvested in Autumn/Early Spring at the latest

Active Constituents are:

• Antibiotic substances included agropyrene in the volatile oil (0.05%)

• Mannitol

• Mucilage (triticin 7-8%)

• Inositol

• Gum

* Silicic acid

• Saponins

• Vanillin

Nutritional constituents:

• Vitamin A

• Some B Vitamins

• Potassium

• Iron

Main Actions are:

• Diuretic – (an agent that increases the secretion and flow of urine) due to mannitol, saponin & vanillin.

• Demulcent – mucilage

• Anti-microbial• Astringent – (a binding agent that contracts organic tissue, reducing secretions or discharges of mucous and fluid from the body)

Used traditionally in the following areas:

Mannitol (works as a diuretic) absorbed from gut and secreted into the kidney tubules, drawing water into the tubules, increasing the volume of urine & soothing the inflamed lining (mucosa) directly (mucilage has a soothing effect on the urinary tract). While the silicic acid content helps heal. The agropyrene has a broad spectrum antibiotic action.

Genitourinary Tract:

• Cystitis – inflammation of the bladder

• Urethritis – inflammation of the urethra

• Prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate

• Urinary Calculus/Kidney Stones (BHP* specific)

• Benign Prostatichypertorphy – enlarged prostate

• Prostatitis – Inflamed prostate

* Nephritis – inflammation of the kidneys

Musculoskeletal System:

an adjunct in the musculoskeletal system due to its cleansing properties via the kidney and as a nutritive agent

• Gout

• Rheumatism (joint & connective tissus disorders)

Gastrointestinal System:

• Constipation – bowel motions less than 1/day

• Hypercholesterolemia – high cholesterol levels

• Convalescence/debility


Infusion 1 – 4gm tds (three times daily)


a food source for livestock…”openeth the toppings of liver & reins (kidneys) without heat”; jaundice, scirrhous of liver; griping pains of belly; worms in children; suppression of urine; stone & ulcer of the bladder; spring tonic & blood purifier; heals wounds (topically); eaten by sick dogs and cats to induce vomiting; roasted as a coffee substitute; dried & ground as a flour substitute.


Organic Couch Grass (Elytrigia repens)


Available in black kraft bags.

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