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The lymphatic system is one of the places in our body where fat (toxins within the fat) is stored. Cleavers (G.aparine) helps with removal of this out of the lymphatic system and removal via the digestive and urinary system where it supports the kidneys.

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We can assist cleavers further by exercising as physical movement is our lymphatic systems way of cleaning itself out.

Following are some of the many health conditions Galium aparine has been reported to have benefit:

Abrasions, bites, burns, cancer, cystitis, eczema, enlarged or inflammed lymphatic system, fever, glandular fever, head cold, hepatitis, insomnia, kidney & bladder infections, M.E. (chronic fatigue), oedema, psoriasis, tonsilitis & wounds.


Organic Cleavers Galium aparine (herb foliage)


Available in black kraft bags.

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