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Originally from Mediterranean Europe & Asia. Named by the ancient Romans, who observed that the plant was in bloom on the first day of every month.

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Calendula, Kalends or Calends – Latin for 1st day of the month of the Roman Calender. Officinalis, indicates that it’s in the official list of medicinal herbs. It’s common name ‘Marigold’ refers to the blossoms’ association with the Virgin Mary. Calendula has been used for centuries as a culinary and medicinal herb. The bright yellow/orange blossoms were used to dye cheese & butter, as well as it being added to sauces, soups, porridge and puddings.

Following are some of the many health conditions Calendula officinalis has been reported to have benefit:

All wounds, anorexia, acne, biliary insufficiency, broken capillaries, bruises, cancer, colds, chilblains, conjunctivitis, cold sores, cervical dysplasia, dysmenorrhoea, constipation, duodenal ulcers, epistaxis, enteritis, eczema, fevers, fungal infections, functional amenorrhoea, gastric ulcers, gallstones, gastritis, hepatitis, haemorrhoids, influenza, indigestion, jaundice, liver congestion, lymphoma, lymphadenopathy, mastitis, periodontal disease, sunburn sebaceous cysts, Trichomonas vaginalis, vaginitis, vaginal thrush & varicose veins.


Organic Calendula Calendula officinalis (flower)


Available in black kraft bags.

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