Argan Shampoo/Conditioning Bar

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Large 135 gm bar (approx) – minimal packaging recycled kraft paper wrapper only.

Luxurious foamy suds with the added conditioning qualities of Argan Oil keeps you hair in great shape. Furthermore the combination of the Essential Oils not only smell divine but also helps with the health of your hair.

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Argan Shampoo Bar

A deep cleanse from the Castor Oil, Clay and Charcoal together with the moisturising Coconut Glycerine and Rice Bran Oil combined with the conditioning of the Argan make this a great Shampoo Bar.


Organic Palm Shortening (From a Sustainable Source in South America), Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, OrganicCastor Oil, Coconut Glycerine, 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil, Water, and Lye (Saponified).

Charcoal Bar also: Kaolin Clay, Orange EO, Cinnamon Bark EO, Patchouli EO, Clove EO, Bamboo Charcoal.

Golden Yellow Clay Bar also: Brazilian Golden Yellow Clay, Cedarwood EO, Lavender EO

Purple Clay Bar also: Purple Clay, Purple Mica, Lemon EO, Lime EO.


Bar size is approximately 70mm x 70mm x 25mm.
Bar weight is approximately 135 .
Wrapper is recycled kraft paper.

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