How to use our Toothpowders….

We’ve had a few people lately unsure on how to use our toothpowder’s, so I thought I’d tell you more about them and how to use them.

Toothpowder’s are the original bases for what became toothpaste.  The Ancient Egyptians used, as did Ancient Asian cultures.  Europeans used toothbrushes without toothpaste or powder up until the 1800’s when toothpowder’s became popular.

We have 3 powders for you to enjoy:

Spearmint & Sage
Clove, Calendula & Sea Salt
Citrus (orange), Patchouli & Bamboo Charcoal

All 3 have a base of Kaolin Clay & Aluminium Free Baking Soda.  The Kaolin Clay is a very gentle abrasive, suitable for the most sensitive of teeth, helping to remove stubborn plaque deposits as well as supply minerals that help to strengthen tooth enamel.  The tiny ridges on the kaolin particles work together like miniature files to produce a micro-smooth surface on the teeth, with maximum gloss and lustre.  Kaolin also helps to fight bacterial infection and relieve pain from a toothache.

Baking Soda as well as helping to clean your teeth, acts as a whitener.  Helping to scrap off the yellow and brown stains by penetrating the teeth’s enamel and lightening the stains to give a much whiter appearance, giving a polished effect without scratching the tooth surface.  Another bonus with baking soda is that it helps to fight bad breath (halitosis).

The ingredients we have chosen alongside kaolin clay & baking soda were chosen for the effectiveness in healing in the oral area i.e. our mouths.

Sage & Spearmint
Sage has astringent & anti-bacterial actions making very suitable for strengthening the gums, lessening bleeding of the gums, bringing some relief from toothaches & lessening infection, helping to whiten & clean as well as giving a fresh taste & smell.  Spearmint as well as tasting & smelling fantastic, helps with healing sore gums as well as having a whitening effect on your teeth.

Clove, Calendula & Sea Salt
Clove has anti-bacterial actions, documented usage as early as 3rd Century B.C., chewing cloves before having an audience with the Chinese Emperor was required to fix any bad breath.  Ancient Hindu texts describe how they used clove oil in their dentistry procedures.  The 1945 Dentistry Medical Text list many essential oils including clove & spearmint as being therapeutically active for use in dentistry procedures.  Hippocrates the “father of medicine” himself treated rotting teeth and gums with pills of clove oil.  Bernard Schechter DDS said that “since the 19th Century the germ killing molecules in clove oil have functioned for root canal work and other more serious dentistry.”  Calendula has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal activity, helping to fight infection as well as heal bleeding gums by strengthening the gum tissue itself.  Salt works by drawing out water from the pathogens, dehydrating them which helps to kill the bacteria causing discomfort.  It also helps to firm the gums, keeping them healthy as well as help in the removal of plaque and whitening of teeth.

Citrus, Patchouli & Bamboo Charcoal
Orange Essential Oil is very astringent, this astringency helps to relieve bleeding gums, soothe sensitive teeth, while freshening the breath.  Patchouli Leaf is also very astringent strengthening the gums hold on your teeth, contracting blood vessels thereby relieving bleeding gums, aching gums and sensitive teeth.  Bamboo charcoal helps to heal any infection by pulling/drawing on the toxins/poisons from the infection.  Helping to relieve pain, addressing any inflammation in the gums as well as help to heal any abscesses.

As you can see we’ve chosen some great ingredients for your teeth & gums & we hope you like them as much as we do.  But now… how do I use them you say?

It’s a lot simpler than it looks….just wet your toothbrush (electric or manual)….shake off the excess water…..dip into your favourite toothpowder mix…..and brush…..once the recommended 2 minutes of brushing is complete…..rinse….as easy as that!

Click on any of the photos above to get your favourite Toothpowder!