Natural Antibiotic/Immunity Options

Mother Nature has always provided a massive cupboard full of herbal remedies to help us defeat infections.  Our body in itself has a built in defence system which we need to look after to be able to survive any outbreak and survive a viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic infection.
We all know that our stomach produces hydrochloric acid to break down our foods, but what this acid also does is destroy any advantageous infection, be it viral, bacterial or fungal as well as parasitic invaders.  The acidic environment is extremely inhospitable and destroys any contagion that is trying to take ahold.  A great kitchen cupboard remedy to take to help your stomach out is ‘Organic Apple Cider Vinegar’ (ACV).  The acidity of the vinegar will work in a similar way to your stomach acid and help to kill the pathogen.  It is a nice drink to take when you are feeling slightly under the weather and not sure if it is a bug or not.  I take 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of slightly cooled boiled water and you just sip away at your leisure.  For that extra super-bug killing effect, I would add in 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Organic Turmeric and a pinch – 1/4 teaspoon of Organic Cayenne, make sure you keep the teaspoon in the glass and stir regularly to disperse the powder properly.  Cayenne and Turmeric both have healing properties: Cayenne is extremely rich in Vitamin C and it helps to fight infection, induce sweating, increase circulation & improve digestion, which ensures nutrient delivery and toxin excretion.  Turmeric is also rich in vitamin C (obviously seen in its colour), helps to improve digestion, relieve pain & new research shown to improve cell membrane activity which in turn showed to improve our bodies resistance to infection.  Garlic is another infamous herb that will help with infection.  Garlic helps to increase the release of interleukin.  Interleukin helps to promote the development of T-Cells which are responsible for our immune response.  If ever I feel under the weather a favourite is to have slices of Organic Garlic on some Vogels/Burgen Toast, even nicer is to also spread with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (OVCO).  OVCO has within it Lauric Acid, which has great anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic activity.
A gland not so well known for it’s role in our bodies immunity is the Thymus gland.  Basically the Thymus gland is situated behind our sternum and in front of our heart.  It is at it’s biggest when we are a child and once we reach our teenage years it starts to shrink in size.  The Thymus gland produces T-Lymphocytes, a type of White Blood Cell (WBC) that is responsible for cell mediated immunity response (i.e. coming from our own cells rather than introduced antibodies).  Cell mediated immune response is important as this is what helps us to form resistance to infection.  Herbs that can help with regenerating thymus production are:  Echinacea, Licorice (not the lolly) and funnily enough Thyme.  Echinacea and Licorice are within our Allergy Tea (which I also recommend for all head colds, sinusitis ) and Thyme we have within our Breath Tea, great for all lung infections, chesty coughs, asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough (or you can purchase singularly).
To help stop pathogen adhesion this is as simple as brewing a cup of Green or Black Tea (preferably without milk) adding a slice of lemon for additional effects and even a dab of manuka honey.  Green & Black Tea contain an amino acid L-theanine which has been shown to boost our T-cell response to infection, I also find it is very good to settle a nauseous stomach (along with fabulous ginger!).  Lemon and Manuka Honey both produce hydrogen peroxide naturally.  Hydrogen peroxide is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.  It is the oxygen that combines with the bacteria and breaks it down i.e. decomposes it rendering it harmless.  This is why they are so effective in relieving a sore throat, or topically at helping a cut heal.  Check out our Wound Balm for superb topical healing ability, and our Organic Green & Black Teas for internal healing benefits.
Our lifestyle as well as diet can effect our immune response.  To ensure we get the best response it is good to be aware of the things that can lower it:  Stress.  Stress whether it be mental (crazy work colleagues, a pessimistic attitude) or physical (long work hours/excessive exercise) will put a toll on our immune system.  We need to know when to change our routines, and/or give ourselves a break.  Toxic Chemicals.  Toxic chemicals come in many shapes and forms i.e. paint, pesticides & herbicides on our food, nail polish, makeup, hairspray, petrol, vaccinations, household cleansers, glues, alcohol & tobacco to name a few.  Coming in contact with any of these on a daily basis will overtime lower our immune response & our ability to recover quickly.  Sugar.  Sugar in excess will dramatically lower your immune response, suppressing your T-cells ability to engulf bacteria and destroy it.  Ensuring you are having a varied/balanced healthy diet, preferably organic or spray-free to ensure you are getting a multitude of nutrients, fibre, fats, & amino acids will help your body to stay in shape and function as it should.  Our Relax Tea is fantastic to use to relieve stress, improve sleep & boost your immunity, or if you are exposed to a variety of chemicals you may like to drink our Liver/Detox Tea it helps support your liver with the daily chemical load you may be exposed to.  Getting enough sun exposure (i.e. 30 minutes/ day) is a must for immunity strength.  The Sun converts our bodies cholesterol to a vitamin D precursor. Vitamin D strengthens our immune system against viral infections.
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