Christmas – Need some help feeling your best?

Want to enjoy Christmas Parties at your best?

Naturalus Liver Tea
Suitable for short-term over-indulgence, be it all the yummy Christmas food or the extra Alcohol.  Naturalus Liver Tea will help cleanse your liver & digestive system with phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification support, helping you get through to the New Year without feeling like it was a dream or spending half of it dreaming!  Best taken before you head out on the town and before bed.   Contains:  Ashwaghanda Root, Dandelion Root, Calendula Flowers & Schisandra Berries.  Click here to get some now.

Naturalus Stress Tea
Calming to the nerves, helping you to get through the silly season, without being the Grinch!  Suitable even for those kids who can’t get to sleep due to the excitement of Santa!  Contains: Ginkgo Leaf, Lavender Flowers & Linden Flower.  Click here to get stress free!

and for After the Indulging?

Naturalus Slimming Tea
Helps to lessen your cravings for sweet foods, improve digestion, increases energy, improves liver cleansing and kidney function by releasing excess fluid.  Combine with our Organic Green Tea, you get the extra fat burning ability, helping you get back into shape for enjoying your summer holidays!  Click here for our special combo deal.

Merry Christmas from Naturalus!