Skin getting the Better of you?

Our skin, the biggest organ of our body, protecting us from any external organism invasion as well as physical damage.  Influencing the emotional, i.e. how we feel about ourselves and the physical, i.e. how we appear to ourselves & others.

Our skin condition is affected by environmental factors, such as UV irradiation, wind, extremes of temperature, physical activity, pollutants i.e. pesticides, herbicides, petrol fumes, paints, nail varnishes, make-up, hair products, as well as endogenous factors, i.e. stress, poor diet, poor digestion, immune status, genetic conditions and physical injuries.  Skin function and attractiveness is dependent on digestion and nutrition.

When our digestion including liver function and circulation is impaired our skin becomes deficient in nutrients it needs to stay healthy, and its levels of toxins build up, and remain trapped within, rather than being excreted out through the bowels.  As the bowels are generally less regular with skin complaints (i.e. less than once a day), the toxins that would normally be excreted out through the bowels are resorbed into the bloodstream and recirculated through the body.  So then the body then finds an alternative route of leaving the body.

This is where you may see a flareup of your eczema, psoriasis or any unknown skin rash.  The aim of healing skin conditions is to start by improving bowel and liver health.  When your digestion is at it’s optimum your body will be absorbing the most nutrients from your food and toxins will be removed out of your body and your skin will be able to start healing.  This same basic principle applies to most skin conditions, and our herbal “Complexion Tea” blend is designed to help you get started. Within this blend are the 4 following herbs:

Calendula, well known topically to help, but also internally starts at the beginning i.e. improving liver function and bile flow, as well as soothing digestion.  Its nutrient content also being of benefit, helping to promote tissue repair while removing build up of toxins by improving lymphatic drainage and blood vessel integrity.

Pau d’Arco a South American tree used for at least 1000 years, traditionally used for all skin conditions, it has amazing antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflamatory actions.  Helping to fight infection & improve the quality of your skin.

Nettle leaf is extremely high in nutrients in particular Silica, and in tea form the silica within is highly absorbable.  Nettle has shown to improve skin hydration and elasticity significantly.

Red Clover, considered a weed to many but has been known in the British Herbal Pharmacopeia as being specific for Eczema, Psoriasis and all Chronic skin conditions.

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