NZ Breastfeeding Week

It’s Breastfeeding Week in New Zealand & to help all of you who want to improve your breast milk flow and help maintain it, we recommend you use our ‘Breastmilk Tea’.  It helps to improve and maintain your milk flow, while also improve your babies digestion of it, helping to settle digestive disturbances as well.  Fennel & Fenugreek are traditionally  and widely used to enhance lactation.  A bittersweet confection ‘Methipak’ (containing Fenugreek) is  eaten throughout western India and considered to be  a galactagogue that strengthens the bond between mother and child.  As well as helping with this very important bond it helped to minimise body aches, increase lactation, and showed strengthening qualities.  Chamomile or Matricaria recuitia its name Matricaria may be related to Latin ‘Mater’ meaning mother and indicating to its use in the treatment of the female reproductive system.  Helping to restore health to the womb as well as improve sleep and mood.  Withania (Ashwaghanda) is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for promoting lactation.  As well as showing an increase in lactation it showed during the time of breastfeeding, that it increased growth in body weight for the infants, making it especially good for those underweight.  For the mother Withania helps to improve your energy levels & strength, improve your quality of sleep and decrease any stress making this important time with your child more manageable.  Click on the link below to get Naturalus Breastmilk Tea.

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And for those mothers who are needing to stop – you need to get into drinking ‘Peppermint Tea’.  Peppermint will bring your breast milk supply to a halt, that includes peppermint biscuits, peppermint toothpaste, peppermint gum & lollies!!  Click on the link below to get your Peppermint Tea.

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