1 Reason to go 100% Natural

Triclosan – an antimicrobial chemical used commonly in soaps, toothpaste, facial cleansers, dishwashing liquid, shaving creams, mouthwash, lip glosses, mascaras, moisturizers, foundations, deodorants, acne creams, toys, sanitizing lotions and many other personal care products.  A recent study evaluated the effects of triclosan in female rats and it was found to advance the age at which the rats hit puberty and that their blood levels of thyroid hormone concentrations were also suppressed.  “In conclusion, triclosan affected estrogen-mediated responses in the pubertal and weaning female rat and also suppressed thyroid hormone in both studies”
Triclosan is used to help reduce or prevent bacterial contamination commonly seen in “antibacterial soaps and body washes”  From the study above it is possible with continued use of a multitude of personal care products that are in touch with our skin (our largest absorbing organ) that younger members of the family (boys as well as girls) may reach puberty at a much younger age than normal as well as us all being at risk of an increase of breast cancer, lowered metabolism i.e. energy levels decreased, increased LDL cholesterol, increased risk of depression/anxieties, excessive weight gain, dry skin, brittle hair & nails due to triclosan lowering the amount of thyroid hormones.
In 2000 the “American Medical Association” (AMA) stated “No data exist to support their (triclosan) efficacy when used in such products or any need for them,..”
Triclosan has already been detected in the urine of 3/4’s of the U.S. population, which means urgent action or change needs to be made.  The AMA also stated that there is no evidence that triclosan-containing antibacterial products outperform the good-old-fashioned techniques like washing with soap and water.  There is, however, evidence that natural handmade soap is more effective than its antibacterial counterparts.
So what do we do?  Read our labels, when you see Triclosan put it back on the shelf.  Buy 100% natural products, such as our Goats Milk, Charcoal, Classic Collection Soaps & Shaving Soaps as well as Body Butters, Facial Serums, Lip Balms & Body Oils.  To start going 100% natural Click on the following links: