Menopausal Mayhem

For some, menopausal symptoms are non-existent, for others they just explode into your day.  Just like these guys into Snow Whites life:

Hot flushes
Night sweats
Mood imbalances
Weight gain
Mind fog
Lack of energy
are to name a few
We’ve formulated 2 products to help with these symptoms and bring back some sanity into your daily life.
1.  Menopause Tea with Withania, Sage, St Johns Wort and Red Clover and
2.  Menopause Tincture with Zizyphus, Black Cohosh, Licorice and Withania
both designed to help:
Decrease the Hot flushes
Decrease the Night sweats
Decrease your stress/anxieties
Increase sleep
Clear the mind for better thinking and
Increase your energy
(If on hypertension/high blood pressure or antidepressant medications please check with your practitioner before trying)
check them both out at the following links:
Get back into enjoying your day and the only place you’ll break into a hot sweat is on a well deserved break here: