Your diffuser is covered by a 12 month warranty, beginning the day your package is delivered to your door. The warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship. If you find your diffuser is not working when it first arrives or within the first one (1) year, contact us and we'll be happy to help.
In the case the product has been properly used, but experiences normal product failure, the Company shall provide one-year free maintenance service according to regulations stated here and in the operation manual.
In the event of product failure, please contact us at www.naturalus.co.nz for instructions on returning the product.

Naturalus shall NOT provide free maintenance for instances meeting the following situations (likewise for products still within the valid warranty period):

1 Malfunctions that occur after one year from the date of purchase.
2 Malfunctions caused by not following the cleaning procedures specified in the manual.
3 Malfunctions caused by fire, earthquake, storm, flood, pollution, disaster, war or other external factors.
4 Malfunctions caused by dropping or transportation.
5 Damage caused while operating the product, and scratches or stains caused by dirt or other factors.
6 Malfunctions caused by disassembling, modifying or repairing on your own.
7 Normal wear of LED lights, accessories and other consumables.
8 Malfunctions caused by failure to use specific essential oil as indicated.

Customers will be liable for shipping and/or part costs if it is determined the diffuser malfunction is due to misuse as described in these instructions.