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Schisandra Berry

Lately we've had a lot of people asking about Schisandra so we thought we'd tell you a bit more about it & the many benefits for you and your family:

Schisandra chinensis commonly known as "Chinese Magnolia Vine", from the Schisandraceae family. Traditionally the fruit/berry is used in medicinal healing.  It is a decidious woody climbing vine about 8 metres long and produces red spherical fruit.  The fruit have a salthy taste, the skin and pulp are sweet and sour, the kernals are pungent and bitter.  Hence the name "Five flavours Fruit".

It's main actions are:

•     hepatoprotective     (protective of the liver)
•     adaptogenic            (help the body to adapt to stress or change from any source)
•     nervine                   (calm the nerves)
•     antitussive              (relieves/reduces coughing)
•     antioxidant             (inhibits oxidation within the body)
•     anti-cancer             (increases SOD levels)
•     anti-HIV

Therapeutically it's used to help:

•     acute or chronic liver diseases including hepatitis, chemical liver damage, poor liver function.
•     to improve the detoxifying capacity of the liver.
•     to improve mental, physical and sensory performance and resistance to the effects of stress.

Traditionally in Chinese medicine Schisandra has been used to tonify the kidneys, relieve chronic cough, asthma, spermatorrhoea, leukorrhoea, enuresis, protracted diarrhoea, spontaneous or night sweating, shortness of breath, feeble pulse, palpitations, amnesia, and insomnia.

In a controlled trial 68% of patients who received Schisandra showed normalised serum GPT levels after 4 weeks compared to only 44% of patients treated with a liver extract and vitamin E control over 8 weeks.  It also relieved other symptoms more effectively i.e. sleeplessness, fatigue, abdominal tension and diarrhoea.
Hikino H, Kiso Y. In:Wagner H, Kikino H, Farnsworth NR (eds.). Economic and Medicinal Plant Research, Volume 2. London:Academic Press, 1988: pp 39-72

In Russia Schisandra was evaluated and shown to increase endurance, increase physical efficiency and decrease sickness in factory workers and children.  It's believed to do this by increasing production of nitric oxide within our body.
Bekhman I, Dardymov IV. Annual Review of Pharmacology 1969;9:419-430
Fulder S. The Root of Being:Ginseng and the Pharmacology of Harmony.London:Hutchinson, 1980: pp 135, 136, 189, 209, 236, 237

It also was shown to improve concentration, fine co-ordination, sensitivity and endurance.  Improve vision and hearing, enlarge the visual field, and improve adaptation to the dark.
Chang HM, But PP. Pharmacology and Applications of Chinese Materia Medica, Volume I. Singapore:World Scientific Publishing, 1987:pp 199-209

Uncontrolled trials indicated that Schisandra enhances mental and physical efficiency and has benefits for patients with hallucinations, paranoia and neurosis.
Chang HM, But PP (ed5). Pharmacology and Applications of Chinese Materia Medica. World Scientific, Singapore; 1987

An observational study reported in 1949 that Schisandra improved general physical and mental well being in 4 out of 8 patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia.   Psychiatric patients and alcoholics receiving sedative and antidepressant drugs experienced "fewer drug side effects" when concurrently treated with Schisandra.  Studies in China indicate that Schisandra "lowered elevated liver enzymes" in patients with viral and chemically induced hepatitis.

Major studies on Schisandra have been carried out in Russia, dating from the 1940's, and as a result it has been in the official medicine of the USSR since the early 1960's.  In one of their studies involving 289 patients suffering from different forms of chronic sinusitis 72% of the 89 treated with Schisandra & the antibiotic levamisole attained a full recovery, whereas only 46% of the group treated only with the antibiotic levamisole attained full recovery that's a whole 26% more with the addition of Schisandra to their treatment.

We have available for you our pre-mixed blends with Schisandra:

or try it on its own:


Best Flu & Cold Prevention Product!


The most important thing you can do to prevent most any illness is to wash your hands frequently with handmade soap.  Washing hands reduces the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria.  It is one of the greatest single advances in medicine.  Soap combined with water binds onto grime enabling dirt and more importantly germs to be washed away.

Dr Ignaz Semmelweis  in the 1800's was ridiculed for suggesting the idea of doctors cleaning their hands in-between patients, so much so that he was forced to resign his position.  He passed away in 1865 with no change to what he believed could save countless lives.  In 1910 it was still not accepted practice to wash your hands and in New York 30 physicians sent a petition to the Mayor protesting about a Josephine Baker M.D. who was promoting hygiene…..they said "it was ruining medical practice by..keeping babies well."!!   It's only in the last 80 years that it has become common practice for doctors to wash their hands between patients and within surgery.
Handwashing with soap is a life-saving intervention which is in the technological and financial reach of all countries and communities.  The belief that "water alone is sufficient" is commonplace in the world, but this is simply not the case.  By adding soap it makes this process more effective.  It helps to break down the grease and dirt that carry most germs, the rubbing and friction used with washing dislodges them and leaves your hands smelling pleasant, & more importantly hygienic.
Diarrheal infections are the second biggest cause of death in children under five!  Handwashing with soap has found to cut this death rate in half!  Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent disease, including the common cold, influenza, eye infections, intestinal worms, SARS & even Avian (Bird) Flu.
Handwashing with soap works to interrupt transmission of disease from person to person, through direct contact or indirectly via surfaces.  The best times to wash with soap are...
•    before/after contact with food...
•    when you or someone around you is sick...
•    after touching animals and...
•    after using the bathroom.  
"Most infectious diseases are spread by contact, either person-to-person, or by touching surfaces harboring germs," said U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona. "Proper hand cleaning is the best prevention against communicable illness."

Most importantly though is washing with Handmade Soaps, rather than Commercial Soaps - why do you say??  Commercial soaps are...
•    made in huge batches from detergents, surfactants (chemically derived product that promotes foaming),
•    synthetic fragrances and many other synthetic products.  
•    They strip the natural oils (protective layer) from your skin and...
•    have been known to cause skin rashes, dry, chapped skin including eczema.  

Natural (handmade) soaps are made in small batches from vegetable oils/fats, these fats contain nutrients which keep your skin healthy, they...
•     keep the protective layer of oil that you have on your skin.  
Natural soaps retain all the glycerin found naturally in vegetable oils which in turn help to...
•     keep the natural moisture in your skin.  
This protective layer helps to.... 
•     protect your skin from the effects of the sun and wind, more importantly it...
•     helps keep out disease bearing bacteria.  

Washing properly with handmade soap will make transmission of disease even harder:
First wet your hands and apply your clean bar of soap.
Place the bar of soap back onto a rack allowing it to drain.
Rub your hands vigorously together and scrub all surfaces.
Continue for up to 15 seconds until you have a decent foam spread all over, use a nail brush for a more invigorating scrubbing action.
Rinse well and dry your hands.
Taking care of your health, includes eating right, getting fresh air & exercise, and washing well to ward off those sneaky microbes.  Naturalus Handmade Soap is your ally on the road to a healthy life!



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