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Want to Improve your Dental Health?


Camelia sinensis i.e. Green, Oolong & Black Tea contain a rich source of tannins.  Tannins are polyphenolic compounds that have an affinity for proteins.  This is why we use them to 'tan' animal hides and convert them to leather.  The are what give that puckering, astringent sensation in the mouth.

Internally this action helps to reduce absorption of toxins and protect against irritants.  Tannins also display anti-microbial properties as well as constriction of blood vessels - making useful for reducing bleeding be it internal or external.

The less fermentation of the type of tea the more antimicrobial action the teas show i.e. Green tea, no fermentation, Oolong slight and Black tea the most fermentation.  Green tea showed the strongest antimicrobial action against the following:  Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Salmonell sp., Staphylococcus aureus, Yersinia enterocolitica.  The amount of tea taken was below 'cup of tea' concentrations.

In green tea the antibacterial effects are due to the tannins epigallocatechin, epigallocatechin gallate and epicatechin gallate.  In black tea the effects were due to theaflavin and its gallates.  A recent review (Hamilton-Miller JM.  Anti-carogenic (i.e. stops/lessens tooth decay) properties of tea (Camelia sinensis). J.Med Microbiol 2001; 50(4):299-302  suggest an anticariogenic activity.  Stopping S.mutans & S.sobrinus adhering to teeth; inhibition of the enzyme glucosyltransferase thereby limiting the biosynthesis of an adherence factor and the inhibition of human and bacterial amylases.

All in all another good reason for drinking tea!!


Doubly Good uses for Arnica Cream


204 people with multiple osteoarthritis in the fingers went in a randomised, double-blind clinical study, comparing treatment of an Arnica gel with an Ibuprofen (NSAID) gel over a 3 week period.  The topical Arnica treatment was evaluated by both the patients and their doctors as more effective than the topical NSAID.  

89 patients with chronic venous insufficiency used an Arnica gel over a 3 week period.  The gel was applied liberally over both legs 3 times per day and not used over broken skin.  They found their "heavy leg" feeling improved significantly more in the Arnica group compared to the placebo group.  They also found an improvement in venous tone, and a reduction in oedema (swelling).  

Two doubly good reasons to include Naturalus Cayenne Plus Cream, (which has a high amount of Arnica within), as part of your treatment plan to help those aching joints and tired legs.


Who wants that Black Tea? You Do!

Shown to be high in Antioxidants, 8 - 10 times more than fruit and vegetables.  Antioxidants scavenge for cell-damaging free radicals in the body and detoxify them, hence blocking DNA damage i.e. preventing oxidation.  Hence found to be of benefit by boosting metabolism to aid with weight loss, block allergic response, slow the growth of tumors, protect bones, fight bad breath, improve skin as well as below: 

Reduced risk of stroke:  A long term study by the Netherlands Institute of Public Health and the Environment found due to teas high levels of flavonoids it showed a reduction in LDL levels, and improved functioning of the blood vessels.  In a separate study Dr Joseph Vita at Boston's School of Medicine supported these results and a study of over 3000 people in Saudi Arabia showed that black tea reduced the risk of heart disease by 50%.

Relieve Stress: University College of London researchers found that people de-stressed quicker when drinking black tea.  They also found they had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their blood after a stressful event compared to control subjects.

Diabetes:  A study by researchers from Dundee University and the Scottish Crop Research Institute found that natural chemicals within black tea mimic insulins effects in the body and help protect against diabetes.  

Gum Disease: The study above also found that the polyphenols within black tea  inhibited an enzyme (glucosyltransferase) produced by the bacteria, preventing the formation of the matrix material by which dental plaque adheres to tooth surfaces, as well as causing differing bacteria to lose the ability to aggregate.

It too has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol levels by 20 - 59%, while HDL was increased from 7% up to an amazing 83% making it beneficial for prevention of stroke and heart disease.

The bergamot oil mixed with the Camelia tea has it's own benefits i.e. the ability to decrease the formation of scar tissue in injured arteries.  This action is believed to be due to the antioxidants within the oil.  Research published in the British Journal of Pharmacology 2007 showed it decrease the level of damaged neurons, making it neuroprotective and beneficial for many nervous system conditions.

Research published in the Journal of Natural Products in 2009 showed that bergamot carries a subdivision of HMG-CoA reductase which is believed to work similarly to statin drugs and decrease the amount of cholesterol produced in liver cells. 

All in all fantastic news for tea drinkers!!



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