Springtime Cleansing!

Springtime is here!

We’ve started spring cleaning the house, but what about some easy spring cleansing ideas for the busy people among us!

So we’ve made up a list of things you could try:

1.  Every morning have a glass of water with a slice of lemon.  Lemons contains within them constituents that cleanse Phase 1 & Phase 2 of our liver….why not have a slice of lemon in every glass of water!

2.  For 1 week replace all of your grains (i.e. rice, pasta, breads, crackers, cakes, noodles etc) with more vegetables.  Not only the gluten, but the sugars within the grains can be an energy drainer, by replacing with vegetables you keep the essential fibre along with all the vitamins & minerals.

3. Eat only low sugar fruits i.e. raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, strawberries, blackberries, loganberries, boysenberries to name a few.  Rich in nutrients including vitamin c for immunity, as well as give you a sweet treat, you can have with breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert & they’re just plain yummy!

4. Replace coffee, fizzy drinks & alcohol with herbal teas, choose from the following blends:

(Blood) CLEANSE Tea:  Organic Burdock, Organic Turkey Rhubarb, Organic Sheep Sorrel & Organic Slippery Elm
(Digestion) LIVER/DETOX Tea: Calendula, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Schizandra & Organic Withania
SLIMMING Tea: Gymnema, Organic Cleavers, Organic Schizandra & Organic Dandelion Root
SKIN Tea: Calendula, Organic Red Clover, Organic Nettle & Pau d’Arco

Can’t quite give up your coffee?  Then perhaps add some “ROASTED DANDELION ROOT” to your Coffee brew.  Dandelion is a fantastic cleanser of the liver & digestive system & when roasted it has a similar taste to coffee.

5. CLAY FACIALS….a fantastic way to cleanse your skin, be it face, body or hair…mix one of the following clays in with be it just water, yogurt, oil i.e. coconut or calendula, mushed up cucumber or avocado the choices are endless.  Leave on till dries, then wash off with tepid water.

PINK Clay: Mature Skin
RED Clay: Normal – Mature Skin
GREEN Clay: Acne Skin

6. Dry Brushing….Before showering take a towel and brush over your skin roughly.  Start from your toes and work your way up to your waist, then come up your arms, over your back & go left to right over your abdomen…then hop in the shower….at the end of the shower if you are brave enough turn the heat down a notch, stand under it for at least 30 seconds and then turn it down another notch and repeat until you stand the cold no longer.  The heat from the beginning of the shower will open up your pores and will help draw out any toxins, then after washing you need to close up those pores again hence the cold water!

7.  Get plenty of sleep.  While we are sleeping our immunity builds up it’s strength.  If you can go to bed a couple of hours earlier or before the double digits i.e. 10pm you can improve your health in a big way.  To help you even more, drink a glass of your Liver/Detox tea 60 minutes before bedtime.  If you tend to toss & turn at night time you may prefer our RELAX tea.

8. Not only does our digestive system need cleansing but our lymphatic system does too.  Our circulation has our heart as a pump, our digestive system moves via peristalsis, but our lymphatic system needs exercise to get it moving. The lymphatic system will store any build up of toxins and to help remove them you have to get your legs and arms moving…so a good way to do this is 15 minutes a day jogging on a rebounder or 30minutes 3 x per week brisk walks around the neighbourhood.

9. Another thing to help the lymphatic system is massage.  After your shower is a good time to give yourself a leg, arm & body massage…”I don’t have someone to give me one”.. I hear you cry…you don’t need 1…it’s just like putting on your moisturiser, but you just need to pay more attention to your muscles & move in the same direction as advised for the “Dry Brushing”.  Choose from the following to make the most of your massage:

Refreshing Massage Blend
Naturalus BODY BUTTERS: Cocoa, Vanilla, Rose or Lavender

10. Foods known to have an extra cleansing effect to include in your day:

Artichokes, Asparagus, Apple Cider Vinegar, Avocados, Beetroots, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cayenne, Coconut Oil, Cucumbers, Garlic, Ginger, Grapefruit, Kale, Lemongrass, Seaweed, Turmeric & Watercress.